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This week was back into the FIRST robotics world for me. It was fantastic, I’ve missed it. This was the 3 day high school robotics competition, not the 1 day LEGO things I’ve been doing more it seems lately. It was great. After the whole thing is over its a huge let down; just like I remember it used to be. We called it a robotics hangover….and I am feeling it.

On to the quotes, they always make things better. I didn’t leave my high school robotics team on the greatest note. They upset me, but still to this day they don’t know that they did. I’ve never told them. Maybe I should have. But I’ve gotten to a place where I’m ok. The quotes this week reflect that.ad1d414c956457224552a62d8786475e f04cc2fc1635c2750eb24db947294ccd