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I unfortunately have pain everyday. I get that fortunately its great that I’m alive, if the boat was 2 degrees different in direction I wouldn’t be. Pain management is an everyday thing for me. Some days are better than others, depending on an ever growing list of factors. Its been almost 5 years and I still haven’t got this all figured out.

For me there are three different kinds of pain. There’s nerve pain, shoulder pain and elbow pain. Then there’s subsets…..Nerve pain is mostly in my hand, although it can affect my forearm. The best way I can describe it is, you know that feeling when you hit your funny bone? Your “funny bone” is actually a nerve, your ulnar nerve, which is the main one that I have damage to. That feeling you get when you hit it? Its like that for me, only sometime it doesn’t go away for days. My elbow pain can be the inside or outside of my elbow. It can be stiff, the muscles around it sore, or it just needs to be cracked. My shoulder can have the most regular people pain (I like to think anyway), sore, uncomfortable like you’ve been sitting the wrong way or worked the muscles. My shoulder is just normal clean pain.

I have strategies for all of them. The top one for all three is ignoring it and distracting myself. I’ve never really discussed that one with a doctor. Although, honestly if I were to go to a doctor they would just tell me to go see a physio therapist (again, I did for the first 3 years) or give me pain medication (which I have, I just try not to take it often).

Differentiating pain and the causes of it is something that I am struggling to no end with. Writing with my right hand is definitely a cause for nerve pain. Figured that one out right out of a cast. People always think its the weather, but I’ve never really seen a huge correlation.