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Even though, I do admit, it is Monday.

This past week wasn’t bad, I am getting used to my co-op…..I guess it has been a month now, so I should have settled in by now.

On the weekend I was reminded about the importance of mental health. I appreciate how much this issue is coming to light in regards to the younger generation, but this is really not a new thing. Every generation has been affected, it was just treated differently. So as we see mental health more accepted socially, I think we need to be reminded that young people are not the only one that struggle with it. There are adults and seniors that have suffered and are suffering just as much as those young people that are speaking out.

That’s my little rant for the week. On to the quotes. This week funnily enough, they relate to mental health. To be honest with you, I personally feel that most quotes could be tied into mental health.

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