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…..even thought it is, once again, monday. Sorry everyone…..I keep going home on weekends and then travelling back late Sunday night, which is normally my time to write these.

This week for quotes we have two that actually mean a lot to me. The first is something that I really wish would become a reality. When I go back to my hometown, its not that big, but its not that small….its just average. But since my parents both work in the public sector many people know and remember me as the “girl who got hit by a boat” sure they can tell the whole story of how it happened, how many surgeries I’ve had. But being in one of the top schools for engineering in the country? Play the viola? Drive a morotcycle? Mentor and lead FIRST robotics teams and committees? There are so many better more notable things about me. I apologize for the rant there. The second quote is actually been one of my biggest goals in life for a long time. 4716efe4f6cf7be7fe7b3d55c940585a f9e1914688e5c3a9ff2f90a1b726673a