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My current co-op is becoming more than frustrating. Within the first two weeks I was interrogated about the scar on my arm. I let myself get backed into a corner with questions….normally I can change the topic or use a number of other tactics to get out of it, but these people at work weren’t having it.

They also keep inviting me to play tennis or badminton….I don’t know how to play with my left hand….and I don’t want to learn in an environment where I need to perform at least sub-par. My co-op position already hurts my arm quite a bit on a daily basis that I don’t really want to add to it.

I want to participate….but I can’t…..I just don’t want it to hurt more, its already so exhausting how it is now.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m still learning to accept my limitations. It’ll be five years this august and I’m still learning what all my limitations include.

So far in the past two months I’ve had to sit out of rock climbing, kayaking, windsurfing, pool, tennis and badminton. I can’t even open my own beer by myself…..its the twist part that kills.

I know this is a pity party, my arm just hurts more, so dealing with the added pain is tiring, and then its hard to sleep because my arm hurts…..its a vicious cycle.