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Last week was literally the week I had been dreading since my first day of this co-op….it was the day the owner of the company took all the employees (50 or so) to his cottage for a day. Which would be fantastic for any normal person, but I don’t do a lot of cottage-y things anymore. I don’t do boats period, that includes tubing, water skiing, fishing from a boat, sitting in a docked boat, sailing, kayaking, canoeing and wind surfing. If you had asked me before the accident I was well versed in all those activities. And now, its nope, not happening,

So I had been worried about it, really stressing myself out about it. But it turned out ok, there was more peer pressure to drink than anything else. That I can handle with humour and good grace, boat things I handle with more panic and paranoia.

Here are the quotes. Just somethings that came up for me to remember, so I thought you might find them helpful too.35385de31e8a84d4e00faa35656e69e6 eef3c9089bcec205430e06e6806d3b20