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I’ve been absolutely terrible, my sister is finally back in Canada from studying abroad for a year. So I’ve been visiting with her on weekends, or attempting to. We used to be so close, now trying to get her to talk to me feels like I’m pulling teeth. Which I no longer have the time or patience for…..in a way I’m saddened by it, I feel like we’ve lost some part of our relationship, but I also feel like I’m the only one trying to get it back.

So quotes this week, the first one I think is very realistic and comforting in that way. The second one, I think you could view literally but I’m interpreting it a bit more metaphorically. As a way to see differences in culture. Especially this week, my landlady’s friend I met in passing asked me for my phone number to give to her son so he could ask me out….to me this was uncomfortable and creepy…..to her I guess it was normal. 025452ff405960b936c014a1880afd7b ba3acf827aebb15089e4ee4db7a5a6d2