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This week is yet another transition for me, I have completed my co-op and now I am back home before moving back to school for a term. Which is exciting, tiring and sad all at the same time.

On top of all that I royally screwed up my arm (more so than normal), by learning how to play tennis. Which was actually a ton of fun! If I had the opportunity to do it again I would in a heart beat. The best comparison I can think of is when I carved a pumpkin using my right hand, only that pain was centralized in my hand, tennis hurt my elbow too. I did use my left hand after a while once I was playing with someone who had enough patience with me to deal with it. But its hard because it something I want to do and learn…and I know I’ll be better with my right hand for the first bit, I know its going to hurt like hell and I know after a while it will just not co-operate with what I’m telling it to do because it becomes tired so quickly….but I still want to play…..and when I’m with a bunch of people who do not know about my arm….I can’t just start off with my left hand because it takes me longer to develop a new skill with it….which while they’re kind enough to teach me, I know their patience can only last so long.  Either way, I did it, and I had fun. However, it may not have been my smartest move…with the whole I have  to move two days after, which includes moving heavy objects. But I made it….my arm still hurts a lot though.

Quotes this week….are about leaving….you probably could have guessed that. I learned a lot this term and met some really interesting people. I made a really good friend that I don’t think I’ll ever see again, which is what I’m really broken up about to be honest with you.

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