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This week I am tired, physically, mentally and of many things in general. And that is exaggerating things that shouldn’t be a big deal. And makes my arm hurt more, or makes me notice that it hurts more.

Right now I’m going to rant about parties. I do not go to many parties, I know that I am a university student and in engineering. Stereotypically I should go to lots of parties. I don’t, I can handle alcohol very well and I do not get hangovers, yay me. Except that means when I go to parties I have to take care of everyone. I know I don’t have to…..but I just can’t not look out for people, especially my close friends. Also if I take my pain killers for my arm I can’t have alcohol, they don’t mix. And going to a party sober, I do not have the patience for.

K rant done, sorry about that. Quotes time. The first one it very well suited to my mood, the second one, once I calm down,will also suit my mood.     c6b31a704e3be8cb86182f98f41fe4afd3bf1d614ff9c593b21a934809706666