These are some frequently asked questions that get asked of me. If you have more questions, feel free to enter them on the contact form.

What happened?

Check out “About” on my home page and my blogs “Before” and “After”.

How did the person in the boat not see you?

 Good question; he was 3 years older than me at the time, he worked for the big family (rich family) on the lake. And he was driving home, and the sun was in his eyes, and just didn’t see us. Yes I know exactly what you’re thinking….and sometimes I agree with you…but not often. It was an accident. Although it sucks and it is his fault, it wasn’t done with malicious intent, and he is truly sorry. He stayed and he helped my sister and me, he leave and run away. He stayed and took responsibility which is more than some people would do.

Did you guys have a lawsuit or something?

Yes. And what do you think of the weather we’re having?

How did your family deal with it?

Well, although we all loose patience at some point. It was hard for my family to begin with because I was so depressed. I couldn’t do anything, I went from this strong, fit, independent, happy girl to someone who was in the hospital for a week and couldn’t do anything without help. I still have this list that my sister made me of things that I CAN do. Once school started I threw myself into it, because it was something I COULD do. Once I learned to write with my left hand it was much better. Though, I must give my mom and my sister props for helping me shower for 3 months and then 3 weeks a couple months later (had another surgery).

How many surgeries did you have?

3. I had my first one the night/morning after the accident. I climbed into a boat (one handed) and made it to shore, waited for the ambulance, then went to some place, then got airlifted (helicopter) to the hospital. I got metal wire put into my ulna (the pointy part if your elbow) which was shattered and 2 pins in my humerus which was broken. I was in the hospital for a week, the food wasn’t bad at all! Most of it was from costco 🙂 My second surgery was 6 month(ish) later, my ulna wasn’t healing. So they took out the wire, put in 7 screws and a plate and some fake bone, and it was healing within the month. (Yay!) Then the last surgery was almost a year after the second one, it was to remove the two pins in my humerus because fluid was forming around them. Right now I only have 7 screws and a plate in my arm, so yes I do beep when I go through metal detectors at the airport.

How did you deal with the surgeries?

I was ok. Like its not like being given a basket of roses but I’ve had worse experiences in my life.  I was asleep for all my surgeries which made it much easier. My first surgery they left me all alone in the hallway outside the operating room (badbadbad idea doctors) I had a mini panic attack, but I counted the tiles and then eventually the dots on the ceiling. My second and third surgeries were same day surgeries so I didn’t have to stay in the hospital, which is good because I really don’t like my local hospital. To get through them, I just didn’t think about it, especially the how part. I tried to think about the part where I would wake up and it would all be over. I didn’t think of what they were going to do before, just didn’t think about the logistics of that. Overall my advice to other people having surgeries; get used to needles and you’ll be ok, don’t look at the tools on the they have out (just don’t, not worth it), find things to do in the waiting room (bring more than one activity, you will want options), be nice to the nurses (they can either make your life wonderful, or not so much) that being said, the scariest thing in the operating room (besides all the people in green/blue) is the nurses eye make up. Just thought I’d warn you on that last one.

How was the view in the helicopter?

I don’t know. My dad saw it, he said it was absolutely breathtaking, amazing, fantastic. Take your pick. Me? I was strapped to a back board, in a neck brace staring at the ceiling. Not fair. In my opinion (I know you totally asked) they need to have tvs on the ceiling hooked up to a camera on the outside of the helicopter. Speaking of which, the ceiling in the hospitals: boring, bland, ugly. When your rolled around on a bed all you can really look at is the ceiling. What I think they should do? Well you know how the ceiling is made up off all those tiles? Take them out, give them to a school get them to colour, paint, draw, sketch, doodle on them. That would be awesome, and all the sick, injured people could look up at the ceiling and smile at all the different things on the ceiling.

Why do you choose to learn to write with your left hand? Couldn’t your school help with that?

My school was absolutely amazing, the teachers and staff were so supportive I couldn’t have asked for more. It was me, mostly…Have you ever tried to communicate a math equation to someone who has no idea what you’re talking about? You have to describe what kind of brackets to use. I have a lot of patience, but I love math and I couldn’t take it. And scribes give you hints, I’m not a snob…..well maybe I am, but its like I don’t want your look of ‘you should know this’ or ‘your missing something’. So I learned to write with my left hand, it was frustrating….but I did it. I practiced one weekend straight and then I would write the start of one note than I would fall horribly behind and my friends would take my sheet and catch me up and then -repeat! I couldn’t have done nearly as well without my friends, classmates, coaches, teachers, and other staff at my school. When I graduated this year I received the staff association award, for “working and achieving realistic goals.” It was extremely kind of them, but I didn’t cry!

Will you ever go back to your cottage? Go kayaking again?

This is another one of those questions where I want to give you a one word answer and then ask you about the weather. But you guys deserve better than that for this question. I do go back to my cottage, often. It is not my absolute favourite place in the world anymore, to be quite honest with you. You know when you’re little and you’re scared and some one tells you to go to your happy place? My happy place was the cottage, so right after the accident when I was first in the hospital people would tell me that and I had no place to think of….(sorry sad moment). As for kayaking, in the past 3 years since it happened I haven’t gone out to buy a new paddle (my old one came out very, very, mangled). In my kayak I’m not sure I physically could kayak, getting into it requires really good even arm strength. The cockpit is really small, so if I put most of my weight on my left arm I will flip my kayak….haha that would honestly be a funny sight to see. The real question is do I want to go kayaking? My answer at some points would be yes, but will I? No. I have mini panic attacks if some one asks me. I can’t do boating either, or canoeing…my heart is in my throat and I want to, but….I’ll swim but there are times when I hear a boat, start quietly freaking out on the inside and swim until my feet are touching the shore….


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